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We have conceived of a new concept that may prove to offer all the benefits of a major tour without the negative commitments associated with life on the road. That is, a live concert simulcast to concert venues around the world, where the band would appear in a virtual presence in front of multiple live audiences. One show that would see larger audiences than all their previous tours combined. No travel, no hotels, just one performance for an audience around the world. Fans would not only be at a great concert, but would be part of a global and historic experience uniting fans around the world.

The most important elements of a concert are, of course, the live music, the crowd, the light show. All of these aspects are necessary for a truly great concert, and all of these would be incorporated in the virtual presence experience.

The band has not toured since they were at the height of rock popularity. But the demand to see them has been constant. Their multi-million legion of fans span generations and are found throughout every continent. The technology now exists to reach all of them at the same time. There would also be an urgency to see the concert as there would not be another farewell tour, as so many bands have repeatedly toured under this premise. With Zeppelin you know it would be the crescendo to their glorious career.

A few years ago, it was reported that twenty million people attempted to get tickets to Led Zeppelin's last show at the O2 Arena (which has a capacity of only 20,000).  With the demand for the band so high, and the technology to pull it off, Led Zeppelin could perform the most historically significant and profitable concert of all time.

It was recently reported that Led Zeppelin had been offered close to a billion dollars to perform thirty five dates of concerts in three cities. With only thirty five dates, the chance of scoring tickets seemed remote. There are simply too many fans to be satisfied by one tour yet for members of the band it would be an enormous undertaking. Led Zeppelin ultimately turned down the offer, possibly because of the gruelling tour schedule that would be required. But we are now proposing ONE concert that will be seen in dozens and dozens of venues. Jimmy Page has said he would be reluctant to do another concert unless it were special. This is something that would be very, very special.

This is a concert that fans would want to be a part of. Imagine the feeling of being part of a unifying worldwide experience with fans from around the world all witnessing the same event. This would be a new concept for concert viewing allowing a virtual presence which would provide a very satisfying concert experience.


 Let’s Make It Happen!

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If you agree that it would be great to see Led Zeppelin perform an historic, worldwide, virtual concert seen by millions of people, please share this website. We believe that the band would consider playing this very unique concert. In order for that to happen, they need to hear about it. We don't know them and you probably don't either. However, one of the benefits of social media is that we have the opportunity to get the message out.

You have heard the six degrees of separation. That is, every person is connected to everyone in the world by knowing a friend who knows a friend and so on. So please help us get this message out.

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