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As a lawyer, I am frequently involved in negotiations. My job is to listen carefully to all parties in a negotiation and try to address the needs that the other parties might have. Listening is an important part of negotiations as you need to hear the concerns of the other party so that you are in a position to offer alternatives to any rejected offer. An experienced negotiator will never say that it is always about the money.

When I heard that Robert Plant did not agree to the well publicized offer of close to $1 Billion I was as disappointed as any Led Zep fan. My thoughts immediately went to whether there is an alternative concept that would be acceptable to the members of the band. The publicized offer may or may not have been exaggerated by the media, but certainly an enormous amount of money would have been involved.

So perhaps the reason Robert Plant turned down the offer is because he does not want to do a major tour living in a hotel and spending time away from his family. If that were the case, then performing a one night concert might address that concern. A virtual presence concert would be very lucrative and would cement their reputation as the greatest rock band of all time.

Our proposal is meant to address several potential issues. That is, the band may want to play together but not want the hassle of doing a major tour. Management may be reluctant to invest is a risky venture with perhaps many unknowns regarding potential ticket sales. Fans, while not a party to any agreement, may be disappointed with a limited tour.

We believe that the band would sell out concert venues in not only major cities but also small remote towns where big bands have never ventured. Led Zeppelin is not only popular in Europe and North America, but they have a huge fan base in South America, Australia and Asia as well. All of these markets could be hit in one night.

The potential for a major concert is event is obvious on its face. The hope is that a major promoter (maybe like Richard Branson - just saying) will make an offer to Led Zeppelin. After that, we can only hope that Led Zeppelin will consider the opportunity to perform a concert to make history uniting the world in a historical concert event.

As a negotiator I also try to put myself in the other party's shoes having listened to their interests and concerns. If I was a prominent promoter, knowing the worldwide interest in seeing Led Zeppelin perform, I would be definitely interesting in exploring this. If I were a member of the band I would think how awesome it would be to be part of such and event and being able to reach fans around the world.

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